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Financial Attitudes and Language for African Americans


This book is for African-Americans.  It asks a direct question about how you intend to finance your ambitions.  This book is not about dreaming empty dreams, nor is it a simplistic, "you can do it too" message.  It is about developing the necessary attitudes, language and activities you will need to be faithful to your dream in a country, among a people, who have been hostile to African Americans relative to profits and paychecks.  It is also about what to say, teach and show your children on a daily basis so they will develop the foundations and fortitude to create and employ financial strategies and tactics to achieve their own ambitions. 





Kevin L. Smith, MBA, an advocate for practical financial training for African Americans, is a business coach, real estate and financial services entrepreneur, seminar speaker, and author.  

His "market" approach to basic financial thought provides catalysts that parents, teachers, coaches, and parents can use to steer our contemporary generations into avenues of financial independence and major economic influence.  

Business Meeting


Excerpt from Do You Want Profits or Paychecks?


"The first step is to learn the principles of profit and the second step is to apply the principles in a world that is a treacherous jungle of diverse attitudes, beliefs, and intelligence.  Some individuals devise a way to profit in this jungle and most don't.  Some that profit do so fleetingly while others build a sustainable legacy.  What then is the mind-set of a person who profits? More specifically, what must be the mind-set of an African American in order to profit?  The answers to these two questions will serve as the underlying theme of this book."

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